Pine nut kernels (Convensional and Organic certified)

The PINE NUT is a seed of the pine stone and its scientific name is Pinus Pinea.It is protected by a pine cone ,and black and hard shell.It has white-ivory colour and a special aromatic flavour.It contains proteins and minerals which are energetic.Therefore, it is good for a healthy diet and is famous all over the world.Highly appreciated by the Romans and Arabic people, it is still used today in the most refined pastry recipes and in the cookery (as ingredient).
PINUS PINEA gives pine cones when it was 18/20 years old which is most productive time.It continues to be productively for a maximum period of 70 to 80 years old.The pine cone grows and matures on the tree for 3-years and you can easily check for 3-years crop on the trees.First year’s crop is found at the beginning of branches, then second year’s crop, and third year’s crop is at the end of branch which is very fresh and new.
Throughout the harvesting season, fully matured cones are stored on the storage areas , forming piles, awaiting the shelling process under the sun.
After the opening process of cones under the sun, by means of mechanical processes, the pine nut in shell ¦s seperated from the inside of the cone.Then, it is re-selected and kept the good ones removing the bad ones.
Next step is to shell the pine nut and to remove the pine nut kernel from the interior.This is very special process to crack the seed and to seperate it from interior in order to ensure a good quality and a perfect wiev of the nut.
The products are scanning in new modern electronic and optical selection machineries in our plant due to the pine nuts come in many different sizes and colours in order to get the highest quality for our pine nuts.
The raw material, semi-processed and processed goods are analyzing physically and periodically in our plant and the microbiological controls are carried out periodically in the external laboratories which are independent and accredited.
The products , which are carried out the strictly hygienic and quality controls, are packed according to the customers’ requests for prompt delivery or stored in suitable storage areas.
We are respect to the environment, and do not use any chemicals or additives during our processing and packaging.
Our organic production and plant are periodically inspected by Certification bodies and it is approved by themselves.

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